ArtDroid 1.4.20 focuses on making a smoother user and site curator experience. Warning to all users, that this latest version of ArtDroid requires WordPress 4.5, the very latest version just released April 12, 2016, as it enabled cutting edge features just added, including native support for Logo customization. Please update to the latest version of WordPress before updating ArtDroid!

  1. Major enhancements to the Theme Customizer. To try it out, update your theme, login, and goto any page and hit the Customize button in the admin header, near the upper right. Added Header and Color sections.
  2. Added support for white/light backgrounds, including adaptive color ordering for image extracted colors in posts. This means, the custom post coloring will detect if the background is light, and color elements accordingly.
  3. Added an optional loading spinner while the site is loading.
  4. Lots of enhancements, and bugfixes.