ArtDroid is built for Artists, Designers and Photographers to let your artwork speak for itself.

Building on the power of WordPress, ArtDroid puts your best work front and center, maximizing screen space to show your work without holding back.  Infinite scrolling feeds, dynamic galleries, and dynamically sized images, works great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.



Here are some categorized examples the variety of media that can be posted:


Feature List

  •  Responsive & RESS UI – ArtDroid automatically detects which device the user is viewing on and changes the UI templates, so the page served to a mobile device is uniquely tailored that device, with minimal overhead structure. Optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop screens.
  • Retina Ready, and Mobile Optimized – Images are served dynamically based on the resolution of the user’s screen size and pixel density, so it loads as quick as possible on your mobile phone, and looks as crisp as possible on high definition displays.
  • Social Sharing – Easily customize which sharing methods you want available on your site.
  • Built-in Blog – Keep your blog distinguished from your image posts, with a built-in Blog custom post type.
  • Easy Product Links – Simply link to products associated with each piece of artwork to drive sales.
  • Customizable colors – All colors are customizable, so you can give your site the look and feel you want.
  • Dynamic Colors – Colors on the site are automatically extracted, tinting the whole site to match your featured image.
  • In-context browsing – Makes it easy for users to browse vast tracts of your work with minimal clicks, and without having to hit the back button.
  • Easy Updates – The theme can be easily updated to the latest version with the click of a button.
  • Multiple Gallery Formats – On any post or page, select from a variety of ways to show your galleries.
    • Horizontal Scrolling – Side-scrolling galleries, great for panoramas and color stories.
    • Vertical Scrolling – Instagram-style vertical infinite scroll.
    • Frame – Straightforward way to zoom in on one image, putting all images in the gallery just a click away.
    • Inline Grid – This is the traditional WordPress style galleries, with sophisticated a pop-over to easily browse through the whole gallery.
  • Builtin Widgets – Comes with some handy widgets out of the box which enhance the site browsing experience.
    • Related Posts – List related posts, and fine tune how they’re related.
    • Term Feeds – Like a tag cloud, for any taxonomy, and more practical.
    • Feeds – build your own feeds based on custom queries.
  • Builtin Shortcodes – features a set of builtin shortcodes to make your content more dynamic
    • subpages, siblings – feature a menu of the current page’s subpages or siblings
    • icon – add a custom icon
    • 2-columns, 3-columns – break up any block of text into multiple columns
    • callout – highlight a notable statement
    • feed – insert feeds with custom queries anywhere to list any posts or pages
    • term-feed – list terms from any taxonomy inline
    • block – highlight a block of content on any page or post
  • Custom Shortcodes – make your very own custom shortcodes to easily place commonly used, code, buttons, links or advertisements throughout your content.
  • Sliders – Create immersive custom sliders at the head of any page to feature content, pages or galleries.
  • Immersive Galleries – Easily maximize screen space and simplify your posts to be completely gallery-centric.
  • Search – Search returns results from both pages, blogs, posts as well as categories and tags.
  • Password Protected Posts & Pages – Hide special content behind a password for private viewing.
  • WordPress Customizer Support – Leverages the native WordPress Customizer, to live-preview color and design changes before they’re live.