ArtDroid comes with an administrative control panel which lets you configure many aspects of your site.

If there are additional options that you would like to see added to the control panel, or additional features that you could use on your site, please let us know about it.

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Ways to Access the Control Panel

First login to your WordPress site. Once logged in, there are two ways to easily access the control panel.

  1. From the Admin Header – At all times when logged into your site, click on the header admin bar where it says ArtDroid.
  2. From the Admin Dashboard – Select ArtDroid from the left menu.

Both of these ways will bring you to the same ArtDroid control panel.


Available Options

All of the options should be fairly self explanatory, except a few which will be outlined here.


Media Height

Under the Posts tab, there is an options panel called Media Height. This allows you to control the screen height at which media appears across the site. There are 4 ways of defining the height.

  • Window Base – Fills all available screen space, so the media is flush on the base of the browser window.
  • Window Percent – Sets height as a percentage of the browser window height.
  • Proportional – Sets the height according to a width:height proportion. Define the width proportion here.
  • Pixels – Sets the height to an exact number of pixels.