ArtDroid makes extensive use of the native WordPress customizer API, to give you precision control over the entire color scheme of your website, while previewing it live.

This means you can privately try out different color schemes and styles for your website and tune them to fit, then publish it all live with the click of a button. Every color on the entire site can be fully customized.


Customizing Basic Styles & Colors

  1. Goto your website running ArtDroid, and make sure that you’re logged into your website. If you are logged in, there will be a black ‘Admin’ bar running across the top of the page.
  2. On the Admin Bar, near the upper left, click the Customize button. A control panel will appear on the left of the screen, which will let you customize.
  3. Check out all the options inside of Header and Colors.
  4. Customize the colors and options that you like to see, and it will update the website after each change so you can see the change.
  5. Once you’re happy with all the changes, press the blue Save & Publish button at the top, and you’re set!


Advanced Style Options

There is an advanced way for power-users to customize more of the site styles which aren’t all available in the customizer (yet). If you are familiar with CSS, you will know exactly how to use this.

  1. Once logged into your website, mouseover the ArtDroid button on the top Admin bar.
  2. Click Styles from the dropdown menu. This will open the advanced style editor admin screen.
  3. Have a look at all of your options for site customization. After making an changes to the styles, press any one of the Save buttons (they all do the same thing) and then go back to your site to check out the changes.

These style settings are are direct link into the automatically generated site CSS stylesheets, which are re-generated after every time you save any changes. ArtDroid uses LESS as a CSS pre-compiler, so all of the property values are in LESS/CSS format. Any of the pre-defined variables (with preceding @)  can be reused in any of the values.