This is a basic overview for how to get ArtDroid running on your server.
The details of the exact steps depends on which hosting provider you use, and what their control panels allow you to do. Most modern hosts make the process quite simple, so if you have any questions about the installation of WordPress, please contact your web hosting provider, as they will be much more helpful than our support. Once you have WordPress up and running, installing ArtDroid is quick and easy.


Install WordPress

ArtDroid is a WordPress theme, and so requires WordPress to first be installed onto your server, and accessible at a web address. Most modern hosting systems streamline the process of installing WordPress with a 1-click style installation. If you have any in depth questions about this, please contact your web host directly, or reference their online documentation. also provides a helpful guide to installing WordPress here: Official WordPress Installation Guide


Install ArtDroid Theme

The next step to getting ArtDroid running is to manually install the theme using your host’s Cpanel if it supports uploading, or else use a FTP/SFTP to directly upload the theme. For details on getting FTP setup, please contact your web host directly or reference their online documentation. also provides a helpful guide to installing WordPress Themes here: Official WordPress Theme Installation Guide


How to Install from the WordPress Admin

  1. Login to your WordPress site, and navigate in the Administrative panels to Appearance › Themes
  2. Press the Add New button at the top of the screen.
  3. Press Upload Theme button at the top of that screen.
  4. Choose the ZIP file you downloaded which contains the ArtDroid theme,
  5. Click the button which says Install Now.


How to Install by FTP

Basically, you want to upload the /artdroid folder so that it sits inside of /wp-content/themes in your WordPress installation.


Activate ArtDroid Theme

After installing the theme:

  1. Login to your site’s WordPress Administrative panel, by going to your site 
  2. On the left menu, select Appearance › Themes.
  3. If the installation was successful, the ArtDroid theme should appear in the list of themes available.
  4. Hover over ArtDroid and click Activate.

Now ArtDroid is activated!


Installing Reccomended Plugins

After activation, a notification will appear at the top to install recommended plugins. You can go ahead and install and activate any plugins that you want to use. If there are any plugins you don’t want to use, press Dismiss and it won’t appear again.


Updating ArtDroid Theme

Periodically ArtDroid will be upgraded with new features and bug fixes. Updating the theme to the latest version can be done from the Appearance › Themes page in the WordPress administration. If a newer version of the theme is available, an Update button will appear. If no Update button appears, you’re running on the latest available version of the theme. Excellent!