Using ArtDroid, it’s easy to stylishly list the sub-pages, also known as child-pages, or sibling pages of any given page.

In WordPress, pages can easily be configured in a hierarchy, so that some pages are ‘inside’ another page. This allows you to deeply nest content in an organizational pattern which makes it easy to browse through your body of content.


 Creating Sub-pages in WordPress

To create subpages in WordPress:

  1. Create a new page, or edit an existing page.
  2. Locate the Page Attributes meta box and inside that locate the Parent field.
  3. Change the Parent field of the current page to the page that it will be nested inside of.
  4. Press Update on the page, and now the page is nested inside the parent page.


Listing Child Pages

Once you’ve created child pages inside a parent page, you can easily list the child pages with this shortcode.


Listing Sibling Pages

To list the pages which are siblings to the current page, that is, other pages which share the same parent, this shortcode can be used. You can remove the max attribute value, shown only here for convenience, since this page has many siblings.

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Configurable Attributes

The subpages and siblings shortcodes are both based on the same underlying shortcode, and so both can accept the same additional attributes. Attributes can be defined to customize the behavior of the shortcode. The attributes are generally based on their counterparts in side WP_Query.

  • max – The maximum number of posts to list
  • orderby – How the ordering is calculated, for example: title, date, modified, menu_order, rand
  • order – Whether the ordering is ascending or descending, options: ASC, DESC
  • post-type – Filters only the specified post type, default is the same post type as the current page/post
  • post-id – Lists the subpages of a different page specified by it’s ID, default is the current page
  • include – Include only pages/posts specified by their ID, comma delimited
  • size – currently no supported attributes (coming eventually)