Sliders can be added to dynamically feature content at the head of any page.

There is a wide array of slider settings available. Here is a review of how to setup sliders, and what options are available. Above is one such example of a slider.


Sliders On Pages

  1. Create or edit any page, and then scroll down and locate the Options meta box.
  2. Switch the header type to Slider. A panel of settings will appear beneath.
  3. The origin of the slides can be selected from three types, Get Slides From:
    • This Post – Gets slides from the current post’s galleries. Good for showing a straight slideshow of images.
    • Query – Gets slides from a selected query, such as by category or tag term.
    • Menu – Gets slides from a preset menu, created in Appearance › Menus.
  4. Below this there is a panel of Settings which can be used to further customize the properties of the slider.
  5. Configure your slider how you would like it, press Update, to save the changes.