What kind of sites is ArtDroid built for?

ArtDroid is a WordPress Theme distinctly built for artists, designers and photographers in mind. It’s a highly image-centric theme which is built to showcase large collections of imagery. The theme requires images as the primary content for every post, and though it has a Blog feed feature built in, it’s not optimized for traditional bloggers. It’s essentially a tool for building, organizing and maintaining image galleries.


What is the origin of ArtDroid?

In 2014, Android Jones commissioned Phong to build the ‘ultimate gallery tech’ solution to archive Andrew’s vast body of work, and make it easy to browse. Since then, it’s been substantially developed with the ongoing support from a small community of artists who have invested in its ongoing development, by commissioning custom features to be added and shared with all other users of the theme.


How easy is it to switch from my existing WordPress theme to ArtDroid?

This depends on which theme you’re switching from, and how the content has been entered. Since ArtDroid uses the native WordPress galleries, any gallery-rich sites should be fairly straightforward to switch over. The most important thing when switching to ArtDroid is that every page and post has a Featured Image set. If you need support setting up your new or existing site to use ArtDroid, our support team is also available to help you out with that.


What are the minimum requirements for running ArtDroid?

ArtDroid leverages the latest WordPress technology, and cutting edge features, it requires WordPress 4.5  and PHP 5.6 later in order to run. Please upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and PHP before activating the ArtDroid theme.

In terms of server requirements, it depends on how large of images you are uploading. In order to upload and size very high resolution images, you will require a substantial amount of RAM available to WordPress on your server. 1GB is the suggested minimum amount of RAM to effectively run ArtDroid, and although it will run on 512MB, that will limit the size of images which can be processed, and generally slow down the speed of your site.